We must root out all the holey socks from the city of Dublin. No chest of drawers must be left unturned.

In these sparse times holey socks are valuable commodities forecast to experience steady economic growth in the next quarter. Invest in sock futures. Watch the value of your socks rise. The more they are darned, the more they are valued. That’s the power of bodkin economics.




  1. Sheila Ahern

    I have been darning for years and am sick of being told “life is too short to darn a sock!!!!” I love darning. What is happening at the event in Dublin? Do you need people who can darn? Are you just looking for socks?

    • Jonnet Middleton

      Hi Sheila, lovely to hear from you. We’re after darners, as many as we can get! The call for socks is to build up a healthy darning pile to keep us going for the 4 days of the mass darning event. You’re more than welcome to join us for as much of that as you like. It’s all about promoting the skills for darning as well as a positive attitude towards it. You sound like a brilliant darning ambassador!

  2. Mairin

    Do the holey socks need to be delivered in person, or can they be posted? And what happens to the darned socks? Are they returned or donated to charity or something else? Thanks!

    • Jonnet Middleton

      Hi there, we’re only darning here til tomorrow, Sunday, so see if you can bring the socks along. The delightfully darned socks are returned to their owners so long as there’s a S.A.E. to post them back. A good few people are bringing their own socks, darning them here and going home happy with them on their feet!

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