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Sock Exchange ready for darning rush! #afringe

We are ready to open our doors to darners at 10am tomorrow, and we’re prepared for crowds.

The Sock Exchange is looking swanky with the last minute addition of a darning chill out zone. Come and do your darning on a lush bean bag!

We’ve been getting heaps of interest all day, with more male potential punters than female. Everyone who hears about the Age of Mending thinks it makes so much sense. Think we’re onto a winner 🙂

Watch this space for photos, videos and breaking news over the next 4 days, and hope to see you here soon.

Live TV interview – Sock Exchange on Fri TV3 Morning Show!

Wooo! I’ve been invited onto the couch of Ireland’s only TV breakfast show, the Morning Show on TV3. This is great news for the Sock Exchange and a great leap towards the new Age of Mending!

I’ll invite the presenters to pull off a nifty darn while the show’s on air and entice viewers into the Sock Exchange to help set the world record for darning.

7-9am, Friday 23 September. Overseas darners – I’ll try and put up a link to tune in online.