MEND*RS is a Mending Research Symposium at Docker in South Cumbria, the first ever large-scale gathering dedicated to mending in the UK. MEND*RS is the first in a series of events, publications and activist projects around mending. Its objective is to map the state of the art, devise a critical agenda for mending research and to disseminate and promote mending practices and enterprises on a local, national and ultimately global level.

This informal, hands-on event will bring together mending practitioners, theorists, entrepreneurs and activists in an inspirational farm setting nestled between the Yorkshire Dales and the South Lakes. MEND*RS is an activist project to promote practices and discourses of mending within and beyond the academic establishment. Its aim is to maximise the social impact of mending research and to reinvigorate mending cultures in everyday life. MEND*RS’ aim is to build a mending network to unite practitioners of a marginal, disparate, often domestic activity with designers, craftspeople, small businesses, social enterprises, environmental and social wellbeing groups, local residents and researchers operating across diverse disciplines. The level of enthusiasm for MEND*RS to date shows that, although largely invisible in academic discourse and contemporary culture, mending resonates strongly as a relevant, timely and necessary practice.



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  2. Frida Doveil

    Dear Mend*rs, let stay in contact with results of our investigation! I will be glad to share information with your group and or to be part of one of your event at your inspirational farm.
    Frida Doveil, curator of, the International census on design and repairability, with the patronage of ADI, the Italian Association for Industrial Design

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